Cavallino-Treporti: eco-tourism and environmental quality

The Municipality of Cavallino Treporti, European capital for outdoor tourism, received the EMAS environmental certification (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), which confirms the vocation of this charming eco-friendly region. For 11 consecutive years it has been awarded the Blue Flag Prize which is given to resorts that meet certain environmental criteria.

A variety of unrivalled landscapes

Between two different ecosystems, the Cavallino Treporti peninsula is a large natural park surrounded by the waters of the Adriatic Sea and those of the northern lagoon of Venice. By being fortunate enough to be home to two different ecosystems, our region has developed a unique natural environment, untouched in parts, and offers produce of exclusive and distinctive taste from both the land and the sea.

Along the coast you can admire a variety of unique landscapes. To the north you can discover the winding lagoon canals, salt marshes, mudflats and fish farms. You can also gaze at the elegant silhouette of Venice on the horizon. Overlooking the Adriatic Sea, you can see the view of a sandy coastline with its wide beach, sand dunes and, behind them, a green pine forest. In the heart of the peninsula there are vegetable farms and greenhouses where fruit and vegetables grow. You can taste them directly from the producer.

For responsible tourism

The peninsula of Cavallino Treporti is the perfect environment for a sustainable holiday and:

  • an outdoor holiday allowing you to
  • take part in many outdoor activities like cycling, hiking, land and water sports, boating and fishing
  • you can enjoy exquisite fruit and vegetables right on your doorstep.

Nature, agriculture and tourism are the main resources in the area, and what will surprise you is the perfect balance with which these elements come together in an such a rich and diverse environment.

Holidays in the fresh air

Nature has definitely help make this beautiful peninsula ideal for outdoor holidays. This is only thanks to the unique ecosystem, a deep respect for the environment and a sustainable management of the whole region. Cavallino-Treporti has developed an outdoor tourism that, since the fifties until today, has grown to become the largest in Europe, with more than thirty campsites that lead in terms of facilities and quality of services.

Outdoor activities

The clean and safe waters create an excellent opportunity for water sports and to take up boating. The wide sandy beach is the perfect place to practice many sports, whilst the hospitable and unspoiled nature creates the ideal scenery for boat, walking or bike trips. You can admire the extraordinary landscapes of the Lio Piccolo valleys and the town of Treporti. You can explore the historical and artistic aspects of these places, discover the environmental and historical characteristics of this region and find yourself on the trail of events of the Great War.

Be amazed by such an unusual and charming place. Experience it in its harmonious contrasts and explore it with open and curious eyes in order to welcome every aspect of it. In the villages, you can take in the history of an ancient past and in the sky you can see egrets that flap as they take off. The pink flamingos, in their elegance, are reflected on the waters of the lagoon.

Local vegetable production

Thanks to favourable climatic conditions and morphological and physical properties of the land, Cavallino has a long tradition of agriculture. The high professionalism of farmers must also be mentioned. They are always willing to introduce new technologies while remaining tied to tradition. Here you can witness the widespread use of greenhouse cultivation which is an innovative choice that characterizes the location for the uniqueness of its vegetables, considered to be of excellent quality both nationally and internationally.

To have a sustainable holiday in a natural, unique and hospitable environment come and discover the beautiful Cavallino Treporti peninsula.