Islands of the lagoon

Discovering the islands of the lagoon!

Setting sail by boat from the ports of Punta Sabbioni or Ricevitoria, in Treporti, you can get to the islands of the North Lagoon in a few minutes.
When talking about the islands, our minds immediately turn to myths, to magical, mysterious places that hold beautiful stories. No wonder, then, that children and young people will welcome the proposal for a boat trip to the islands of Venice. In their mind, images of maps, buried treasure, fairy-tale characters and fantastic worlds will be conjured up. You'll see how their eyes light up!

Burano, among colours and lace

The first must-see is the island of Burano, famous for its colorful houses and lace. You can enjoy picturesque views by walking along the narrow streets which open up to a world beyond space and time, that create joy and serenity. Do not miss the bell tower and the "Bepi Suà house" which is multicoloured and decorated with various geometric shapes..

Children can run and play freely along the streets and in the fields, and the surrounding atmosphere is of absolute tranquillity. Exactly what you are looking for, for you and your family.
Before leaving for a new island, taste the traditional cakes of Burano, the "Bussolà" and the "Esse". Their delicious taste will add something to your memory of this island of unique charm.

Murano and the art of glass blowing

The second place that cannot be missed is Murano. This is where glass-makers have been making true works of art for centuries.
Formed by seven islets crossing a canal, this island is home to the Glass Museum and the Lighthouse that lights up the mouth of Lido port. Do not miss a visit to a glass workshop. It is an experience that will blow your mind and which will be an extraordinary spectacle even for the little ones!

Torcello, where you can breathe in history

Finally, organise a stop in Torcello too. Now it is an almost uninhabited island, but it stands out for its priceless archaeological heritage. By visiting the old historic centre, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta with its bell tower, the church of Santa Fosca, the Devil's Bridge and the archaeological and the medieval museums, you can discover the charm and richness of one of the oldest settlements of the lagoon.

Discover the beauty, the flavours, traditions and people of the islands of Venice with the whole family. A great impression will be made on you and you will take a memory of an unforgettable experience away with you.