With your family

Holidays made for the family

A holiday for families should have a balanced mix various things. It should have games and entertainment for children, recreation and opportunities for the kids socialize, plenty of relaxation and fun for mum and dad, some sports and free time to spend in a safe and healthy environment, all together.

Nature and fun, in total safety

Make the most of an area which is covered by a lush pine forest, surrounded by enchanting nature and within a landscape of rare beauty. There are lagoon channels criss-crossing on one side and on the other, there are the calm and safe waters of the Adriatic Sea. Imagine this landscape covered in comfortable bike paths, top quality holiday open air camp sites and a wide and equipped beach, with a lifeguard service and shallow waters with a sandy bottom.

All this, and much more, can be found on the Cavallino Treporti coast. What better context in which to start to dream of a fabulous holiday with the whole family!

Dreams that come true!

Think about long adventurous trips along the cycle routes that pass by the fish farms, the salt marshes and the water of the lagoon. Can you already imagine the excited eyes of your children watching pink flamingos and egrets in the distance and their amazement at seeing a turtle pond behind the dunes? Can you hear your children's laughter as they take part in exciting tournaments on the beach volleyball courts with their new friends? But wait, because this is just a taste of the experience that your whole family can enjoy in Cavallino Treporti.

Then, in the evening, you'll be spoiled for choice by the many events designed to keep every member of the family happy. The most exciting thing of all? Beach On Fire, a fireworks display that runs along the coast every year and leaves its spectators in awe.

Start planning your next beach holiday on our coast, and find out about all the recreational opportunities that we have available which are designed for children and teenagers. We have the best conditions for a dream holiday for the whole family.