With small children

Family holidays with small children

The beach is wide, covered with fine golden sand, dotted with playgrounds and controlled by rescue services. It is a vast and safe area where children can run as fast as they like, making sand castles with adults or designing amazing marble tracks.

Small child-sized adventures

The calm sea and the sandy seabed help children to become familiar with the water. They can paddle their feet to collect shells on the shore and run up and down to fill and empty water buckets.

In all likelihood you will be approached by the activity tutors. They are all young professionals who liven up Cavallino's beaches and campsites to entertain the kids, to get them involved in games, tournaments and small shows and help them socialize with their peers. If you encourage your children to join the activity group, it will be a unique opportunity to make their holiday experience even better, and in all honesty, you will have the chance to relax a little without having to worry!

Children and campsite life: like a fairytale

Among the things that kids love the most during their holiday in Cavallino Treporti, camping most certainly takes first place. The high quality holiday parks and campsites are surrounded by greenery and overlook the beach. They are also equipped with all the necessary amenities like pools, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, playground... 

There are hardly any cars, and the ones there are move at snail’s pace. This allows children to run freely in the streets and walk safely even when they haven't got their eyes on the road, but are, instead, fixated on squirrels that jump fearlessly between the lower branches of a tree.
Furthermore, you will be surprised at the fact that, in the campsite your kids, even the littl'uns, will be able to run around freely and safely. For them there will be continuous adventure and discovery.

They will want to get involved in so many little things, like riding their tricycles or their bikes without needing your help. They will want to help you wash the dishes, and with unusual enthusiasm they will even go to brush their teeth all by themselves! An outdoor holiday is really something very special for the whole family.

The Blue Flag and the Green Flags have been awarded to the Cavallino coast. These are two major awards that confirm the quality and sustainability of the tourism we offer on our coast and the special attention we pay to holidays for children and young people.

Start imagining a dream holiday for your children today and find out more about all the adventures that you can have with them in this magical land to be explored.