Vegetable gardens and products

From the vegetable garden to your table: excellent horticultural produce, at km 0

Throughout the Cavallino Treporti region, along the splendid Venetian lagoon and the dense and lush native vegetation, you can see many greenhouses. Here high quality, tasty and wholesome vegetables and fruits are cultivated.
The uniqueness of our land, sandwiched between the lagoon ecosystem and the marine environment, makes the produce from the Cavallino vegetable gardens have a unique taste which is much appreciated by everyone, young and old.

For those who love nature, sustainable tourism and natural produce, our coast is the ideal place to spend your holiday with the whole family.

Discover the flavours of Cavallino-Treporti

During your stay you can enjoy local fruit and vegetables, buy them in our markets or directly from producers, where you can take the opportunity of learning more about cultivation techniques, recipes and tips for eating them. Furthermore, you can appreciate the taste of each product in the dishes of our culinary tradition. These are dishes that you can taste in the restaurants and clubs of the area, during festivals and food and wine events or simply by having a go at preparing them yourself in the kitchen.
Tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes, artichokes, salad as well as many others are all vegetables from our coast that you can enjoy fresh or cooked as well as preprepared and tinned or made into conserves.

The coastal farms are mostly family-run and customs and practices have been handed down for generations. This is why travelling to the farms and talking to the people who have cultivated them with passion for many years will be a real privilege. You will get to hear about part of life in a protected area with a long history that, today, blesses us with unique and rare beauty. It is an environment to be discovered, from the places, to the tangible signs of the past and from its breathtaking nature to the people who inhabit it. People who are generous, welcoming and hospitable. Just as our coastline.

Find our products again at home

Many of our agricultural products are sold and consumed within the region, so that a more sustainable economy and tourism exists. However, a large part of Cavallino Treporti's horticultural products are designed for large-scale distribution, on both a national and international level. So once you get home you will be able to rediscover the flavours of your holiday and recall all the happy memories that you experienced on our coast.

Discover Cavallino Treporti's farms and allow yourself the pleasure of a genuine and healthy rest.
A word of advice? Stop for a simple snack during a bike ride and try a delicious paper bag full of sweet cherry tomatoes.