Carnival parade: a masked summer in Cavallino Treporti

In summer, the joy and cheer of the carnival pour into the streets of Cavallino Treporti. This is the Carnival Parade, the parade of floats that, after having done the same in the middle of winter, reappear in the summer months with the enthusiasm of tourists and locals of the coast.

Music, dancing, confetti, streamers, masked groups, majorettes and street artists accompany the colourful winding of floats made with great skill and creativity by volunteer groups of locals.

The Carnival Parade is a time for celebration and entertainment that will appeals to everyone and that everyone enjoys, adults, the young and children. It is an opportunity to smile, to feel light-hearted and to revive the carnival tradition that already existed in the way back in this area's history. It is also a moment to admire creativity and craftsmanship put to use by the Cavallino Treporti float owners who create real works of art every year.

The event is a collaboration between the "Tradizionando" group, the Pro Loco and campsites and exhibitors, with the support of the Tourist Park and of the Municipality.

Here the dates of the next parades:

Carnival Parade, on Saturday 28th July 2018, 7.00 p.m., Cavallino along via Francesco Baracca.

Grape party with float parade, on Saturday 1st September 2018, Cavallino, 7.00 p.m. via Francesco Baracca.

Enjoy show, animation and music! We are waiting for you!